From my workshop - just some common problems, pictures etc.....

Million-$ testequipment... ups!

Wonderful solderings at dashboard PCB for a Renault Scenic 2 made by firm specialized in dashboard-repair in nordjylland. Price was "only" 2500kr+VAT and lasted 2 years.

Bad solderings on a IC inside a Engine Controller for a Opel Astra Stationcar. Allmost all the soldering was like mush, a oscilloscope probe could easily lift a pin from the pad - as the one right at the right of the corner. The engine worked, but a high speeds it stopped.

Lots of heat, lots of smoke!!! Standard fault on the old Broncolor Impact 41.

Typical soldering fault. Always causes problem with the equipment AFTER the warranty expires. Picture before and after repair.
This is a VERY commen problem with the Samsung BD-E8500N (..among others) Blueray/DVD recorder with tuner problems.

Typical problem for equipment exposed to heavy vibration. Heavy components are glued to the PCB with hot-glue instead of epoxy. The leg are not completely broke, but high-resistance causes ground loop hum. This is from a Randall RG75 G3 Plus guitar amplifier, standard fault.

Pictures from TS-2000:

C-trimmers in very bad condition. These are very easy to break and are not ment to be adjusted more than once or twice. Very common fault in the LO section of TS-2000.

Acid damage at the LO PCB on the Kenwood TS-2000. This fault - and intermittent faults on the trim caps leads to PLL failures on this unit.
Please note that because of this damage, there is NO thru hole connection from the two vias on the PCB. The cooper inside the hole was completely gone. This is a very common fault - bad soldering with acid, and very often acid leaking from bad capacitors.

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